RemetricHealth, an innovative remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telehealth company that has been serving the healthcare industry for more than a decade, is helping physicians, home health agencies and hospitals care for patients during the current COVID-19 pandemic through its advanced technology platform and RPM kits.

“More and more providers are beginning to drive non-urgent patients to telehealth services to help limit further spread of the virus; but these services are often not equipped with the technology to monitor vital health statistics. RemetricHealth’s kits enable providers to track these critical biometrics in real time, and better manage the massive influx of COVID-19 patients who may not need a hospital admission but who need to be carefully monitored,” says Wayne Meng, CEO and founder of RemetricHealth.

The kits are comprised of Bluetooth-enabled, patient-friendly medical devices that capture biometric data (oximetry, spirometry, temperature, blood pressure, and weight), as well as a tablet equipped with telehealth capabilities. The kits help health providers engage in symptoms assessments, medication adherence management, and patient education, and wirelessly transmit all the data to RemetricHealth’s secure, HIPAA-compliant web portal. Importantly, each kit also includes a digital spirometer – Spiro PD, the first-ever personal spirometer approved by the US Food and Drug Administration — to measure lung function, which many RPM solutions lack.

For hospitals and home health agencies, the kits allow patients who are discharged and those sent home from the emergency room to be monitored for worsening symptoms. This may prevent unnecessary physician or hospital visits that could further spread infection and further deplete scarce resources. For physicians, CMS realizes the importance of RPM and telehealth services and has recently added reimbursement codes to enable them to safely care for their patients through this innovative approach.

RemetricHealth’s RPM kits are particularly important for patients in “high-risk” groups for severe illness due to COVID-19, including those with chronic lung disease, serious heart conditions, immunocompromised health status, diabetes or other underlying medical conditions. Alerts can be sent to healthcare providers so they can intervene in a timely fashion, which is especially useful as a proactive measure for these high-risk patients.

About RemetricHealth
RemetricHealth is an industry-leading, fully integrated remote patient monitoring and telehealth technology company that helps physician groups, home health agencies and hospitals improve patient outcomes by monitoring patient health between healthcare visits. RemetricHealth was founded in 2010 with the development of the first-ever FDA-approved personal spirometer, Spiro PD. Today, RemetricHealth offers several RPM kits targeted to particular patient populations, including those with CHF, COPD, diabetes and hypertension. Remote patient monitoring can result in cost-savings and increased reimbursement for physicians, as well as better coordinated care. Discover more at

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