There isn’t any doubt that COVID-19 is transforming our society and healthcare. Cities are under stay-at-home orders. The global pandemic is bringing an air of uncertainty to everyone’s lives and causing a shift in the way medicine is practiced. Telehealth and remote-patient monitoring technologies are gaining more traction and importance as they are becoming crucial to ease the strain from healthcare facilities. MD+DI has compiled a list of several solutions cutting through the COVID-19 clutter.

To help hospitals and home health agencies care for patients during the COVID-19 crisis, RemetricHealth is providing kits for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and offering a telehealth platform.

“More and more providers are beginning to drive non-urgent patients to telehealth services to help limit further spread of the virus; but these services are often not equipped with the technology to monitor vital health statistics. RemetricHealth’s kits enable providers to track these critical biometrics in real time, and better manage the massive influx of COVID-19 patients who may not need a hospital admission but who need to be carefully monitored,” Wayne Meng, CEO and founder of RemetricHealth, said in a press release.

Meng told MD+DI that RemetricHealth ships the kits as requested by the medical facility, and often this is directly to patient’s homes. “The RPM kits are comprised of Bluetooth-enabled, patient-friendly medical devices that capture biometric data (oximetry, spirometry, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and weight). The Biometric Devices can be selected based on individual patient conditions and care plans,” he explained. “All kits also include a 4G tablet with cellular service, video telehealth, symptom-monitoring tools, electronic care plans, patient education, and ongoing customer care and support,” he added.

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