The COVID-19 pandemic has brought telehealth and other remote healthcare technologies into the spotlight. Recent efforts to loosen coverage restrictions and increase availability and adoption of these care options could have a wide-reaching impact on health technology markets that lasts well beyond the current crisis.

Digital RPM devices have an essential role to play in the telehealth ramp-up; in fact, telehealth and RPM go “hand-in-hand,” says Wayne Meng, Founder and CEO of RemetricHealth, a remote patient monitoring and telehealth company. Not only can RPM deliver essential real-time biometrics data, he says, but it also can provide longitudinal trending data for individual patients, which is very important for people with chronic disease, and RPM platforms can automatically alert physicians when intervention is needed.

Founded in 2010, RemetricHealth was the first company to develop and introduce an FDA approved personal digital spirometer for home monitoring of respiratory disease patients, such as those with COPD and asthma (the company has 10 patents on the device). The company has seen a “huge surge in demand” for its RPM services in recent weeks, according to Meng, who notes that the recent changes in telehealth coverage policy have resulted in more progress in this field in the past month than has been achieved in the past several years.

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