How relevant is remote patient monitoring (RPM) in healthcare? Is it just the latest fad, a great concept but with no real practical worth?  Or is it here to stay as a critical solution to healthcare transformation? Well, according to a recent survey of 273 North American healthcare professionals, RPM and Telehealth have become the #1 IT priority in healthcare, surpassing data security, EHR and patient portals.

Survey Key Findings:

  • The highest-ranking methods of telehealth currently used by participants were live video and RPM.
    • 46% of participants indicated current use of live video.
    • 41% of participants indicated current use of RPM.
  • Of those not yet using RPM or live video, 85% of respondents said they plan to do so within the next three years.
  • Improving patient outcomes and facilitating greater patient satisfaction were the top motivators for adopting telehealth
  • Two-thirds of survey respondents expect their telehealth budgets to grow over the next three years.
  • Survey participants ranked implementing RPM technologies as the top IT priority followed by enhanced data security, EHR and patient portals.

The survey reveals RPM and telehealth as a primary area of focus in today’s US Healthcare System.

With the clinical evidence of RPM benefit well demonstrated coupled with Medicare’s recent momentous reimbursement, RPM adoption is positioned to experience a pronounced growth in the imminent future.