remote patient monitoring services
remote patient monitoring services

About RemetricHealth

RemetricHealth is an industry-leading, fully integrated remote patient monitoring and telehealth technology and service company that helps physician groups, hospitals, home health agencies and payers improve patient outcomes for high-risk patients by monitoring symptoms, vital signs, and medication adherence closely between healthcare visits, alerting healthcare providers if intervention is needed.
1990 Our Roots

Our founder and CEO started a medical device manufacturing company in 1990, which was successful for more than 30 years. But he knew he could do more. He wanted to create something that would truly make a positive impact in healthcare.

2010 Evolving Goals2010 Evolving Goals

We introduced our remote monitoring solutions to the market in 2010 with a program that allowed patients with lung disease to monitor their lung health at home. Just like patients with diabetes or CHF could monitor blood sugar or weight at home, now patients with lung conditions had the same opportunity to track their health.


Our founder sought to develop a home-use digital spirometer because his young daughter had severe, exercise-induced asthma. He knew that whenever they went to the emergency department, the first thing nurses or physicians did was check her lung function.

As a parent, he didn’t have the quantitative data necessary to decide whether to take her to the emergency department or give her a rescue inhaler and send her on her way. He saw a need for a patented, home-use personal spirometer to track lung function in real time and over time.

The FDA approved our spirometer, Spiro PD, as the first ever at-home spirometer on the market in 2011.

Our Spiro PD device sent all the data to a HIPAA-compliant web portal where providers could review the information in real-time, from wherever they were. This is still the case today.

This was especially helpful for lung transplant patients, as a decline in lung function is predictive of organ rejection. We quickly gained the support of more than 50% of the lung transplant centers in the US — some of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals — as well as many pulmonary centers and advocacy groups.

Over time, we added additional devices (including a weight scale, blood pressure monitor, pulse/oxygen reader, and more) and video telehealth capabilities to our program, enabling us to help care providers improve the outcomes of many more patients.
2020 Who We Are Today

Today, the program consists of symptom monitoring, patient education, medication adherence, biometric devices, and more.

We’ve learned a lot over the past 14 years, including the fact that success in remote health monitoring (and improved outcomes) depends largely on patient compliance. Which is why all our tools transmit data without the need for patients to download apps, connect to wifi, or engage in any other technology lift.

Looking to tomorrow

When we introduced remote patient monitoring into our company more than 14 years ago, no one could have predicted the world we’re living in today.

Remote monitoring and telehealth have been taking hold in increments, and with the unprecedented COVID-19 public health crisis, it’s now become a way of life. And we don’t see that changing anytime soon. Necessity is often the mother of invention, and we’re pleased that we could help frontline workers care for patients during challenging times.

RemetricHealth will continue to look to the future, to innovate, and to be one step ahead when it comes to moving healthcare forward.