RemetricHealth’s remote patient monitoring for hospitals helps maintain continuity of care after patients are discharged or leave the emergency department, potentially reducing the number of readmissions, future emergency department visits, and acute health events.

Benefits include:

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Prevent readmissions

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Avoid unnecessary trips to emergency departments

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Improve transitions of care

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Increase patient satisfaction

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Decrease downstream healthcare costs

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One of the tools US health systems and hospitals are turning to in order to improve outcomes and reduce costs is remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology.

This type of patient care extends the reach of physicians, enables a constant relationship between patients and caregivers, and offers providers a continuous stream of real-time health data.

—Business Insider

Half of surveyed healthcare executives ranked improving the quality of care as their top reason for implementing telemedicine, and another 18% were most excited about reaching new patients. Foley & Lardner


of patients are comfortable communicating with their health care providers via text, e-mail or video, in lieu of seeing them in person. American Hospital Association

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