Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Our Chronic Care Management (CCM) program assists in managing patients that live with two or more chronic conditions, such as hypertension,
diabetes, COPD, heart failure, asthma, arthritis, or any of the other numerous designations that qualify. The RemetricHealth CCM program involves regular communication, personalized care plans, education, and support to patients in between office visits. The program yields improved patient outcomes and satisfaction, providing a more efficient way to manage the growing number of patients with chronic disease.

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Each month, a dedicated nurse from our clinical team will review the patient’s care plan with them to ensure they are receiving the services needed to achieve their established health goals. Multi-lingual staff available.

Manage Your Patients’ Chronic Conditions¬†Between Office Visits

Chronic Care Management Reimbursement Codes


$63 per patient/month (CPT Code 99490)


Service (Additional):
$48 per patient/month (CPT Code 99439)

CCM services are available independently
or in conjunction with RPM services

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What’s Included? CCM RPM
Patient Enrollment & Consent RemetricHealth RemetricHealth
Biometric Device Delivery & Setup n/a RemetricHealth
Patient Onboarding & Training RemetricHealth RemetricHealth
Biometric Monitoring n/a RemetricHealth
Compliance Monitoring RemetricHealth RemetricHealth
Patient Mobile App & HIPAA Portal RemetricHealth RemetricHealth
Reimbursement Reports & Support RemetricHealth RemetricHealth