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A trusted remote patient monitoring partner to help you deliver virtual care today and tomorrow.

RemetricHealth provides physician groups, hospitals, home health agencies, community health centers, and payers with remote, real-time biometric and compliance monitoring, management tools and clinical services conducted by our nursing staff to assess patients remotely between visits. Our solutions help:
• Improve outcomes
• Increase patient satisfaction
• Reduce the number of acute events & hospital readmissions

Who we serve

Physician Groups

Increase access to care, optimize patient care, reduce hospital admissions/readmissions and generate additional revenue.


Reduce unnecessary readmissions and emergency department visits while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Home Health Agencies

Offer state-of-the-art technology to improve patient satisfaction, engagement, and outcomes.


Improve member health, reduce downstream costs, and increase quality reporting scores.


Increase access to care, reduce acute events, and generate additional revenue while improving patient outcomes.


Our comprehensive solutions feature:

Clinical monitoring services

We provide remote patient monitoring services, including clinical support conducted by our nursing staff to help you implement and manage the program.

User-friendly medical devices

Wireless devices measure biometric data and automatically send the information to care teams without any technical expertise from the patient.

HIPAA-compliant web portal & apps

Healthcare staff and patients can access our secure, HIPAA-compliant web portal & apps, which features real-time data, trends, reporting, and more.

Compliant with FDA regulations

RemetricHealth is an FDA-registered and ISO13485-certified company and provides FDA-cleared medical devices, portals, and apps.

What our clients say:

“I have found RemetricHealth’s RPM solution to be a game-changer in the way we deliver healthcare services. Having utilized the program for over a year now, I can attest to its effectiveness in facilitating prompt intervention and personalized care, ultimately leading to improved patient engagement and better adherence to treatment plans. Additionally, I sincerely appreciate the excellent support and responsiveness. From the initial onboarding to their enrollment and clinical teams, their commitment to ensuring the highest quality of patient care is unparalleled. It’s evident that they are as invested as we are in the success of the RPM program.”

Dr. T Young, M.D., San Diego Cardiology Associates

“I have been using RemetricHealth for more than 6 months and it has honestly been an exceptional experience. Rebecca and the team were helpful and made the process easy for not only me as a provider but also for my patients. Our panel has grown in the past few months. We have monthly business meetings and make sure everything is in check. They are also very easy to reach out to via email or call. Super receptive.”

Dr. Z Memon, M.D., Austin Medical Associates

“Since the start of our program, we have exponentially increased the number of patients enrolled and have helped many patients stay out of the emergency room. Our clinicians find great value in this program. We have also thoroughly enjoyed working with the customer success team at RemetricHealth. Everyone we have come in contact with has been more than gracious to assist and are quick to respond.”

A. Saunders, Grand River Medical Group

“Using RemetricHealth home monitoring has allowed us to better track our patients and manage their chronic conditions, specifically hypertension. The patients have improved from having 40.7% present control rate of their hypertension to 50.1% control rate in the first six months on the program.”

J. Tate, Canyonlands Healthcare

“After deploying RemetricHealth’s RPM program we were able to drastically reduce readmissions to our most at-risk population. RemetricHealth successfully integrated their platform with our EHR, streamlining our operations and increasing the efficiency of our technology.”

G. Pinel, Southeastern Home Health

Our RPM solutions can help with conditions including:

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart
Failure (CHF)



Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease (COPD)



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