Physician & Patient Reviews

“As a practicing physician for over 20 years, I have found RemetricHealth’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution to be a game-changer in the way we deliver healthcare services. Having utilized the program for over a year now, I can attest to its effectiveness in facilitating prompt intervention and personalized care, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes. Its ability to empower patients in managing their health has resulted in increased patient engagement and better adherence to treatment plans.

Additionally, I sincerely appreciate the excellent support and responsiveness of my entire RemetricHealth team. From the initial onboarding to their enrollment and clinical teams, their commitment to ensuring the highest quality of patient care is unparalleled. It’s evident that they are as invested as we are in the success of the RPM program.

I wholeheartedly endorse RemetricHealth’s RPM program. It has not only enhanced the quality of care we provide to our patients but has also positioned our practice at the forefront of modern healthcare delivery. I look forward to our continued partnership with RemetricHealth for years to come!”

Dr. Tom Young, San Diego Cardiology Associates

“Using RemetricHealth home monitoring has allowed us to better track our patients and manage their chronic conditions, specifically hypertension. The patients in the cohorts of users have improved from having a 40.7% present control rate of their hypertension to 50.09% control rate within 6-months of starting the program.”

Jodi Tate, Canyonlands Healthcare

“After deploying RemetricHealth’s Remote Patient Monitoring Program we were able to drastically reduce readmissions to our most at-risk patient population. RemetricHealth successfully integrated their platform with our Electronic Medical Health Record, streamlining our operations and increasing the efficiency of our technology.”

George Pinel, Southeastern Home Health

“Since the start of our program, we have exponentially increased the number of patients enrolled and have helped many patients stay out of the emergency room unnecessarily. Our Clinicians find great value in this program. We have also thoroughly enjoyed working with the customer success representatives at RemetricHealth – everyone we’ve come in contact with has been more than gracious to assist and are quick to respond.”

Allie Saunders, Grand River Medical Group

“After implementing RemetricHealth’s RPM Program we are confident the technology reduces readmissions and has proactively prevented acute events. We plan to expand our use of RemetricHealth’s technology to our entire group.”

Rick Pullman, Osler Health

“None of the medical providers I have seen due to several health issues has been more knowledgeable and understanding than Nurse Shari Hoof. She treats me not as a number – but as a human being. I highly recommend RemetricHealth to anyone who is looking for a chronic care management program that will treat their patients with personalized attention.”

Alexander D.

“I have been with RemetricHealth for quite a while now and absolutely love everyone who works there. If I miss any readings, they are there to get you back on track. They will also call or send me a text to see if I need any questions answered or simply to see how I am doing. This is a wonderful program and the team with RemetricHealth is even better!!”

Karen E.

“I am a BP Monitoring patient of RemetricHealth. I am very satisfied with the program. Each of the nurses follow-up with me to see how I’m doing and do a great job of monitoring my daily readings.”

Carl A.

“As a senior citizen with aging health issues, it is comforting to provide daily health monitoring electronically from home knowing that if the readings show a significant change/deterioration that someone is there to assist and give direction. The monthly check-in via phone/text message between normal doctor visits is also reassuring with knowledgeable and helpful registered nurses.”

Douglas C.

“Everyone who works for RemetricHealth is very professional and knowledgeable in their work. Nurse Kelly is very caring and checks on me to see if I have any issues with taking my blood pressure. I am glad to be in this program.”

Kathy G.

“I’m pleased with RemetricHealth’s dedication in following and checking my daily blood pressure each day. It’s nice to know someone has my back during this up and down stage of my blood pressure period. However, my doctor is getting it regulated with meds and I am learning to de-stress!”

Susan P.

“RemetricHealth makes it easy to take and record daily glucose readings. I’m very happy with their follow-through with regular monthly checking on my health by Nurse Kelly.”

Nancy D.