Some entrepreneurs find motivation for their work very close to home. When the daughter of RemetricHealth’s (then called PMD Healthcare) CEO developed exercise-induced asthma, he looked for options. When he couldn’t find them, he built on his 30 years in medical device manufacturing and designed a solution for her—and then for others.

In 2010, RemetricHealth developed and made available the first-ever patented, FDA-approved, at-home personal spirometer, Spiro PD, which gives patients with lung disease the same at-home monitoring capabilities available to patients with diabetes or CHF. Spiro PD sends its data to a HIPAA-compliant web portal where providers review the information remotely in real-time. With Spiro PD, our CEO could more readily discern what might constitute a lung emergency for his daughter and what could be addressed by her rescue inhaler.

“What started out as a quest to fulfill a need in my family became a broader mission to help others,” he said. “Ten years in, we continue to find ways to expand what remote monitoring and telehealth can do to help patients around the world. Being there for others from a distance—it is what we do.”

Part of being there means that more than 50 percent of lung transplant centers in the country support RemetricHealth’s work, along with many pulmonary centers and advocacy groups. Patients continue to give RemetricHealth high marks, with a patient satisfaction rate of 96 percent.

Building on that initial lung-focused personal monitoring invention, RemetricHealth has become a beacon to those whose monitoring and care needs require more than periodic visits to a doctor’s office. RemetricHealth’s expanded remote healthcare options include:

  • Additional devices (weight scale, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter)
  • Enhanced video telehealth capabilities
  • Symptom monitoring
  • Medication adherence
  • Patient education

Although RemetricHealth continues to invent and offer new technology and devices for physician groups, hospitals, home health agencies and payers, we’ve never lost sight of our end goal—to serve patients. That patient piece can be one of the more difficult aspects for any telehealth or remote monitoring company to manage; if patients do not properly use the devices in their home, they will not benefit.

The simplest way to ensure patients follow their care instructions properly is to make compliance easy. All RemetricHealth tools transmit data without the need for patients to download apps, connect to Wi-Fi or engage in any other technology lift. Patients with very little experience with computers or smartphones need have no concerns about using RemetricHealth’s devices as intended.

Additionally, patients will benefit from solutions tailored to their individual health concern. RemetricHealth’s easy-to-use kits are designed for specific patient populations, including those with CHF, hypertension, COPD and diabetes.

RemetricHealth also makes it easy for physician groups, hospitals, home health agencies and payers to better serve their communities. Physicians who offer RemetricHealth’s remote patient monitoring and telehealth services can help patients outside the office and earn significant telehealth reimbursements. Currently, RemetricHealth works with more than half of the 20 hospitals described by U.S. News & World Report as the best in the country.

“We know that we help patients when we work with healthcare providers and organizations to improve quality of care and access to care—two goals that telehealth and remote patient monitoring can help achieve,” according to our CEO. “As we look to the future, we will continue to innovate to bring healthcare home to patients.”

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