RemetricHealth, a leading remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telehealth services company that has been serving the healthcare industry for more than a decade, has announced that its telehealth capabilities, in conjunction with its biometric monitoring devices, are helping connect patients and providers in a time when continuity of care can be challenging due to COVID-19.

The telehealth model is taking on an increasingly prominent role today, with the coronavirus pandemic sidelining many “non-essential” office visits. A recent survey by the Primary Care Collaborative revealed that nearly two-thirds (65%) of providers reported challenges in delivering care to their patients. While healthcare facilities are establishing formal telehealth exchanges between providers and their patients to help overcome this challenge, less emphasis has been placed on the remote exchange of vital patient data to empower diagnosis, analysis and treatment.

“Visual check-ins via telehealth alone aren’t enough; If you don’t also have a way to adopt preventive measures and keep an eye on biometric data remotely, patients will experience complications of chronic conditions,” says Wayne Meng, CEO and founder of RemetricHealth. “And the fact is, COVID-19 isn’t going away as quickly as we’d all hoped; RPM is essential.”

To counter the growing disconnect between provider and patient, RemetricHealth’s solutions seamlessly integrate telehealth visits, remote monitoring of biometric data, patient education, and medication adherence reminders, providing healthcare professionals with a reliable, HIPAA-compliant, enhanced telehealth platform.

Each kit from RemetricHealth includes a customizable selection of biometric devices, including a scale, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, and spirometer. The devices operate via Bluetooth and automatically upload data via the included Samsung 4G tablet straight to a HIPAA-compliant web portal for physicians, with zero technology lift on the part of the patient – they don’t have to connect any devices or enter any data. These devices allow physicians and care teams to monitor crucial patient data as well as track trends over time.

Additionally, the included tablet is ideal for telehealth interactions; physicians can call their patients on the tablet at pre-scheduled appointment times. The tablet also comes equipped with several apps and features, including numerous patient education videos about common chronic diseases (such as congestive heart failure, hypertension, COPD and diabetes), customizable medication reminders and alerts for patients, and symptom assessments.

“For years, telehealth has been considered the future of medicine – it just never became the present. Then, as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down doctors’ offices and clinics across the country, telemedicine suddenly became the only way patients could see their doctors and vice versa,” according to a recent USA Today article. “Telehealth use surged from 8% of Americans in December to 29% in May as primary care and mental health physicians and specialists turned to remote care out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

About RemetricHealth
RemetricHealth is an industry-leading, fully integrated remote patient monitoring and telehealth technology and service company that helps physician groups, hospitals, home health agencies, and payers improve patient outcomes and achieve strategic goals by closely monitoring symptoms, vital signs and medication adherence between healthcare visits, alerting healthcare providers if intervention is needed. We’ve custom-tailored our own devices and combined RPM with video telehealth for a comprehensive solution that is truly integrated, flexible and affordable – with room for providers to achieve a significant ROI. We are bringing healthcare home. To discover more, visit

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