Enhanced Home Healthcare for Community Health Centers – Empower patients with the help of remote patient monitoring.

“Home” has taken on a new meaning during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is our safe space. During this time, we have developed a new appreciation for our home and surroundings.

Many have also used this extra time at home to become much more comfortable and adept at utilizing available technology. This includes telehealth services and remote patient monitoring with their healthcare provider. Can’t make it into the office to visit with your Doctor? Schedule a video consultation instead. It’s becoming commonplace nowadays, and Covid only expedited its relevance within the Healthcare industry. Certain segments of the healthcare community are adapting to this new normal. Others are struggling to find a way to implement these technologies.

Community Health Centers are one segment that have faced some challenges related to implementing a telehealth and remote patient monitoring plan for their patients. Community Health Centers provide care for a large population of patients that suffer from chronic conditions that need regular and consistent monitoring. This includes a significant amount of patients suffering from heart disease.

Federal Funding

Chronic high blood pressure continues to be a huge challenge. The U.S Government released an additional round of $90 million in funding for Community Health Centers to focus on monitoring and managing hypertension within their patient base. This funding is geared towards the implementation of easy to use, Bluetooth connected home blood pressure monitors. This is in addition to the $250 Million in funding that the FCC’s COVID-19 Telehealth Program received back in December 2020, which includes remote patient monitoring.

With this new round of funding, the time has never been better for Community Health Centers to implement a telehealth and RPM plan for enhanced patient care. A comprehensive program combines remote, real-time biometric monitoring and management tools with video telehealth capabilities to evaluate patients remotely between visits. Remote patient monitoring allows patients to self-monitor, while being digitally-connected to their medical team.

Why use remote patient monitoring?

Just a few of the benefits of a telehealth/remote patient monitoring plan include:

  • Reduced readmissions & improve outcomes
  • Improved access to care
  • Reduced wasteful spending and downstream costs
  • Offering patients peace of mind

With Covid shutting down or limiting in-person visits for patient care, the need for remote healthcare services is greater than ever for this at-risk segment of the population. Community Health Centers need an enhanced home healthcare plan. RPM empowers patients and allows them to care for themselves, along with assistance and guidance from a healthcare professional. Right from home.

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