We are proud to announce that RemetricHealth has been selected by Medhealth Outlook Magazine as a Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Provider for 2021! Our team continues to strive for additional, innovative technologies and services to assist healthcare professionals provide exceptional care and outcomes for their patients. The announcement from Medhealth Outlook is below.

The evolution of healthcare is not something new to the world today. Patient monitoring solutions and connected healthcare systems are redefining the way healthcare is performed in the modern era. Moreover, patient monitoring solutions and equipment have become a central component of every hospital’s workflow. Amidst the pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in demand for monitoring equipment to diagnose and treat COVID-19, and it is expected to grow. Among the fastest-growing systems in this space are remote patient monitoring, temperature management, and electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring.

Improved monitoring connectivity will also be a significant growth driver for this market as hospitals move toward integrated monitoring solutions to improve accessibility and analysis of patient data. Technologies are becoming more efficient, effective, and safe to use, making remote monitoring solutions a key trend. Improvements in and the increased availability of wireless data transmission networks are also accelerating this trend while facilitating the development of platforms for telehealth. Neonatal monitoring and cardiac output monitoring have also increased their focus on using less invasive and non-invasive monitoring techniques.

Today, the better connectivity and accessibility of data have spurred heavy investment in data analytics and artificial intelligence space. Healthcare technology solution providers are creating solutions that are innovative and powerful than ever. To help clinics and practitioners get a clear view of the market, MedHealth Outlook Magazine has created a list of some of the top innovators in this special edition of Patient Monitoring Solution Providers 2021.

Top 10

Jeff Bowman, Marketing Manager for RemetricHealth stated, “We are honored to be mentioned as a top innovator in this space, including being the only at-home patient monitoring solution provider listed. I am proud to work with this group and excited for what 2022 has in store!”

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