For the second consecutive year, RemetricHealth has been selected by Medhealth Outlook as a Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Provider. RemetricHealth is proud to be included among this list of difference makers in the healthcare community. Jeff Bowman, RemetricHealth’s Director of Marketing, stated, “Our entire organization is appreciative of this award, and feel it is a direct reflection of the tireless work our team delivers every day. We look forward to continuing to provide valuable services that make a difference to both physicians and their patients.”

The announcement from Medhealth Outlook is below.

Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Providers 2022

For many employers, the COVID-19 pandemic created a more dispersed population, as the flexibility to work remotely became a new reality for many workers. This shift led companies to re-evaluate their benefits, recognizing that employees need the ability to access care when, where, and how it’s most convenient for them. In order to continue providing employees with easy access to high-quality care, many companies have turned to virtual health. However, what many organizations have since learned is that standalone virtual solutions often don’t meet people’s needs. Expect to see increased interest in integrated digital and physical access models. Not only are multiple access points more convenient, but the integration of in-person and virtual health leads to higher utilization and better outcomes.

Additionally, people still value in-person connections with their trusted providers. In 2023, organizations are taking healthcare into their own hands by investing in integrated digital and in-person healthcare. By focusing on virtual health technology that interacts seamlessly with in-person offerings, employers can offer their people healthcare that guides them through every step of their care journey.

That’s why we have developed this special edition on Patient Monitoring solution providers. This special edition features some of the most cutting-edge solution providers as well as companies that are creating a difference.

Top 10