A recent study from Definitive Healthcare shows the specialties with the highest number of RPM procedure claims. Heart disease, diabetes, and chronic lung disease are among the most prevalent and deadliest chronic illnesses in the U.S. It’s unsurprising that specialists who see larger volumes of chronically ill patients with relatively intensive disease management needs are also the top users of RPM.

Highest Share of RPM Procedures Claims

Some interesting takeaways include:

  • Top RPM procedure claims volumes are up nearly 1,300% since 2019, but only a quarter of healthcare professionals are actively using the tech
  • Primary care physicians, cardiologists, and nephrologists are finding new uses for RPM, even as data security, limited infrastructure, and reimbursement disparities remain top concerns
  • Payors, electronic health record vendors, and CMS may hold the keys to send RPM to new heights
  • Through 2022 alone, more claims had been filed across all 10 codes than in any other year thus far. By November of that year, RPM claims volumes were already 27% higher than they were through all of 2021.
  • The Southeast is leading the pack in raw RPM usage, representing nearly 37% of all coded procedures. The Southeast is also home to the highest volumes of patients with hypertension and diabetes, suggesting both considerable use cases for RPM and a strong correlation between the prevalence of these diseases and RPM usage.

The full research can be found here